Michael & Becky H. Elbert, CO

“Ross Action works very hard to get Top dollar for your consigned items.  We have been over the top pleased with the amounts we have received. They have a treasure trove of Awesome items-check out their action in house or on line. Thanks to All the Great staff at Ross Action!!!!”

Dapinatta Studio

I absolutely LOVE this place! One of the best kept secrets in Colorado Springs! Furniture, jewelry, antiques, art, oddities, even things I didn't even know I needed can be found here. I've purchased so many awesome items it's hard to pick my favorite. Excellent customer service and very friendly staff! I'll definitely be back!

Peggy Rinehart

I have always been happy with Ross Auction, their service with a smile and friendly faces, what a great place to be, from treasures to new friends....I highly recommend this Auction house....I especially like Jason....They all do a wonderful job....

Niki Smith

My favorite place to go to the auction! I can get great deals of course, but unlike many auction places, the staff here are friendly, helpful, and always glad to see you! Whether you are new to auctions or an old hand, make sure to check this place out!

Karissa Muth

Not a friendlier place in town! I have both bought and sold at Ross and am always thrilled with the results. Jason makes me feel like we have been best of friends for years. Bill always welcomes with a hug and sweets:) Thomas always makes me feel like his favorite bidder. And last but not least Adam and Mark are so genuinely happy to help...especially with all my heavy treasures. REFRESHING!!! I treasure their hospitality, integrity, and honesty.

Vaughn Warren

I've long learned that I no longer need to buy anything new from the store, I just need to go to Ross Auctions! Everything you can imagine eventually is sold here at this fantastic auction. I go almost every Friday and Saturday. I highly recommend to anyone that reads this review check them out.

Tom Kimmber

I consigned items at Ross Auction. They treated me and my family very well. We knew going through this process that we would not receive retail prices for our items and they presented this to us upfront. We were very satisfied with their services and would recommend them to anyone looking for an easy way to sell items with very little hassle.

Jesse Whiteside

Went to the auction looking for some furniture for my first apartment, ended up getting a full dining set, down stuffed couch, and a few other chairs and a desk for under $200! It was a great auction house.

Em S

Everyone is so friendly....I have met some new friends, and it's my one stop shop.....

Alyx Geiger

Great collection, excellent facility, excellent customer service, fantastic variety, we had a wonderful time spending last Saturday with you.

Audrey Harmony Cassibry

We spent almost all day at the New Years Day auction. It was our first auction and it was educational and fun. Lots of people got great deals. I'll be back.

Erin Woodman

I'm so happy with the things I got on my first trip to the auction. Everyone was amazing too.

Stephen Klein

First auction I have been to that gives a discount on the buyers premium!

Liz Hanning

"Good place to shop for unique furniture at great prices...it's where the used furniture re-sellers buy it."

Cliff Reichert

Best place ever. Amazing

Laura Ayotte

"I love Ross Auction. I've been to several auctions in town but Ross Auction is the best! They are courteous and professional. The auctioneer makes us laugh. Keep up the good, we will be back."

Anna Tompson

"I have had good experiences with this company. They gave me a fair deal at a good rate."

Marsha Robertson

great owners, quality antiques and misc.

Deb Crosby

No matter what you are looking, on day Ross Auctiion House will get it! I've been shopping here for over 17 years and have "outfitted" my children's homes as well as many treasures for my own. There are no tricks, just a pure auction. Check out the auctions on Fridays at noon and Saturdays at 10am. The Neals's and Ross Auction employees are like an extended family of ours. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed unless someone outbids you!!

Jason D.

"I had a large collection of NASCAR memorabilia that I knew could find a good home and be used. I had inquired all over town looking for help in selling these items. I was unsuccessful finding anywhere to help me, even had no luck on E-bay, until I came across Ross Auction. I took the items in and had no expectations on what they might bring in an auction setting. They were extremely helpful, kind and explained the process thoroughly. The items sold a short 2 weeks later and I was able to make more money than I had ever imagined. I picked up my check a week later and have been back since to see other items they were selling. I have purchased a gun from them in the few weeks following. All in all, this company was very knowledgeable, professional, and had a gentle way of caring for me as a consignor and buyer. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the future.


I have been dealing with Ross Auction and buying items over the last two years. I have been very satisfied with the staff and basically how the operation is run. I think tey are fair and honest. Those individuals not satisfied with their experience in my opinion have expectations too high.

George D.

My late father's neighbors told me about Ross Auction when I traveled here to take of his house. I spent hours wondering how I was going to do it all. I called and spoke with a lady and she arranged for Bill Neal to come by and do a walk through. Walking through the house, Bill patiently pointed out items that he believed would do well at auction, setting realistic expectations as well. I thought this to be an impersonal experience, however the more I listened to Bill's experiences with estate sales, the less anxiety I felt about the process. Also Ross Auction could also help me clean up his house in preparation for its imminent sale. A truck and two gellows came along a few days later to pick up all the items. The agai later in the day to clean out the house for me. Looking back now i don't know how else I could have managed this very emotional time. Thanks to Bill and Ross Auction Family for certainly doing their part in making this easier on me. I would recommend them anytime.


Went to Ross Auction last Saturday to see what they had for sale. It had been a while, but the place was full of great items and as it turns out good deals as well. Was looking for some furniture and appliances. Got out bid on the furniture, but the appliances I won. It was just as exciting as I remember it. Proud owner of 2 working appliances for my home. Thank you Ross Auction Family -its just like I remember.