Our physical building is currently closed until April 30th unless otherwise mandated by local and state authorities.

Staff will return to the offices on April 14th unless otherwise mandated by local and state authorities.




Are we still having auctions?

YES! We are running all current auctions through the ProxiBid website.  Proxibid is an online bidding format that will allow you to browse and bid through all of our current and future auctions.  We have several auctions scheduled from March 28th through April 11th.  Click on the link below to browse and bid those auctions.

What if I'm the winning bidder?

We will contact you via email to complete payment.  We do not use the payment services provided by ProxiBid.  They will require you to list a credit card in order to bid.  This is partly how they verify you are a legitimate person able to bid through their website.  Click on the link in the email we send you.  This will take you to your CurrencyPay invoice.  CurrencyPay is a secured online payment processing center.  Complete your payment.

How will shipping be completed?

We use a local shipping office, Postal Annex.  Your invoice must be paid in full before we take your items to the shipper.  A representative from Postal Annex will contact you to complete payment and to choose which option fits you best.  Postal Annex is able to ship through the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx.  Due to current Stay-at-Home orders in the state of Colorado, we will not take items to the shipper until at least April 14th.

What if I'm local and want to pick up my items?

Once we are back in the office we will contact paid invoices to arrange scheduled pick up times.  We are expecting to be in our offices on April 14th unless otherwise mandated.  We will have several auction customers needing to pickup items so it will be critical that you stick to your scheduled pick up time. Pick up times will be available starting Wednesday, April 15th.