Business Liquidation

Colorado Springs Business Liquidation

We have hundreds of customers each week ready to buy.

We want to make sure our clients have the best and least stressful experience when liquidating their estates.  We have found that it is less stressful on the consignor to have their items sold at our location. This is also helpful with our clients knowing that we have weekly sales at our Retail location, they dont have to drive all over town looking for the next sale. Contact us today to talk about liquidating your estate.

Q. I have an entire business full I need to liquidate what can Ross Auction do for me?
Please call our office and give us details on what you have.  An appointment can be made to have our auctioneer, at no obligation, visit your site to do a physical inspection of the items to determine the best way to proceed with the auction. 

Sometimes an on-site auction is necessary: Holding an on-site auction depends on quantity and quality of merchandise, the location, parking, weather, toilets and other aspects of the site. We would be happy to determine what would work best for both parties. We are fully equipped with our mobile office, folding chairs, tables, portable sound & clerking systems, etc.  In cases where the sellers do not have enough merchandise to warrant their own auction, our location, has plenty of parking space, seating indoors, restrooms and more.  

At an on-site auction we can typically sell everything that is there in one day.  We take an inventory, advertise through multiple channels, set-up the items for display, sell the merchandise at auction, record the sales on computer, give you a complete sales print out and a check for the net amount.